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Welcome to Always Remember

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Always Remember provides a permanent location to collect, organize, maintain, preserve, and share current and historical incidents in which wildland firefighters lost their lives, to remember our fallen firefighters, their contributions, and the lessons learned from their lives or in their passing.

This project functions as a memorial page and database,  in conjunction with lots more... It's Always Remember the fallen, but equally important, how lessons learned from their deaths fit in with and often direct the threads of change and increased safety for all wildland firefighters, making up the cloth of wildland firefighter culture.

Wildland firefighting is or should be a Lessons Learned Culture and a Just Culture in which we seek to become safer -- from agency level to human level -- instead of seeking individuals to blame for the incident. Reasonable accountability should be addressed in fatality and serious accident incidents.

We . . .
* Collect: our staff and volunteers research, and the community contributes
* Organize: provide structure and presentation of collected information
* Maintain: update or modify as additional information becomes known
* Preserve: insure information is not lost and
* Share: provide website where information is easily and freely found


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